Markdown Files Only

This page is an exception. It's the only HTML page that gets created. All other internal links point to plain text Markdown files. This HTML page is a simple starting point. It lists posts by order of creation date, youngest to oldest.

Why do this? For giggles. For testing. For a more simplified and lightweight web reading experience.

I wrote my thoughts about this in a post, titled Markdown-only Web Browser.

Since I don't have a Markdown-only web browser, I rely on Chrome and Firefox extensions. I use "Markdown Preview Plus" for Chrome and "Markdown Viewer Webext" for Firefox. Both extensions offer default themes to display the HTML, and both permit me to upload my own custom CSS. Readers should be able to control the typography.

I like the Chrome extension better because it permits me to select the file extensions to use where the Firefox extension only works with .md files. Daring Fireball uses .text files to store the Markdown markup for each post. At, I store the Markdown markup in .txt files, although I wish that I had used .md. At this test site, I use .md.

With the Chrome extension, I can select .md, .txt, and .text files to be converted, if I desire, and provided the files are Markdown files. Markdown content accessed at,, and would all display the same, based upon my custom CSS that I uploaded to the extension.

I enjoy viewing the unique, fun, and quirky looks of personal websites, but I visit websites, mainly for the content. That means the content is the interface and most of the design is governed by typography. Web publishers won't appease all readers, regarding typography. That's why readers should have full control over how content is displayed on their devices.